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Involved in Developing Quality Software & Web Applications Since 2012. Today, our team delivers custom software development for start-ups and solid companies in many countries of the world. Recent years proved that Shreshta team is really stable. Our personnel turnover rate was below 10% per annum and this is quiet low as compared to some other companies. Team’s stability is the best mark of a Healthy spirit in the company and the staff’s professionalism. It points out that employees have good working conditions. Due to the facts we achieve success for each project as the chance to loose key people of the project is equal to almost zero. On the other hand out team grows every year that helps us to improve our skills by acquiring knowledge of new employees.


At ShreshtaInfotech you can get to have a fully customised brand new website, which positions you to perfectly grow your new online presence.


All of our websites are optimized for visibility by all the major search engines. We believe that it is not enough to simply create a website; it needs to be seen by the maximum amount of people possible.


Successful project begins from its idea of development, implementation and planning. Before we offer a solution, Shreshta analyze the core of your project, its goals, perspectives and individual specific needs.


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Best of Us

Software Development

We develop quality software and applications from 2004. Today our team delivers custom software and provides outsourced software development for start-ups and solid companies in many countries of the world.

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Domain Registration

Our Domain Name Registration Services include domain name registration, domain name renewal, private domain name registration, domain name transfer, domain forwarding and DNS management console.

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Softwate Testing

Quality is one of the cornerstones in software development. We provide quality assurance and software testing services to verify error-free software product operation. We do our best to deliver products that accelerate return on investment (ROI) process.

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Web Hosting

Shreshta offer an affordable range of Linux hosting packages to suit individual and business hosting needs. We have a guaranteed uptime of 99.9% per month, every month. This is surpassed by our excellent record monitored by Web Hosting Stuff.

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Software Maitenance

Ongoing product / system maintenance troubleshooting,bug fixing,backups,stability monitoring 24/7. Application or system enhancements and upgrades,new functionality integration Software solution to meet changes of business needs.

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Search engine optimization or SEO is the newest trend in developing web content. In fact it has become very popular as it gives the client the opportunity to search for certain information with the help of certain specific keywords.

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